Wave theory of light Mcq Mht cet

Wave theory of light multiple choice Question for preparing specially for mht cet
examination and other entrance exam also.

How to Study for this Chapter ?

1.Read this chapter twice at least for theory     based questions.
2.Understand the concept with the help of       diagrams and drive the derivation,try to       find out formulas by your own method.
3.Prepare a Formula List and Remember         the all units and dimensions.
4.Them Solve the numericals from the past     year papers of mht-cet of this chapter.
5.If you will follow this steps,it will boost
   your confidence.
6.Last and most important try to give mock     test because you will get to know that
   "hum kitne paani mein hai".

"प्रत्येक विषय सोपे आहे परंतु आम्ही ते कठीण करतो"

Let's see what the chapter contains :
  1. Newton's corpuscular Theory
  2. Max planck's theory
  3. Wave theory of light
  4. Drawback's of huygens theory of light
  5. Huygen principle
  6. Reflection at a plane surface
  7. Refraction of a plane wavefront at a plane surface
  8. Polarisation
  9. Plane polarised light
  10. Brewster's law
  11. Doppler effect in light
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