Most Important Question 12th Physics HSC Maharashtra Board 2023

Here are the most important questions of Physics for Hsc 12th class Science Maharashtra Board examination 2023.
These questions are based on Maharashtra HSC Syllabus. These questions are analyzed and given by expert teachers and lecturers having experience of more than 10 years of Maharashtra board exams.

Physics Hsc IMP Questions?

These questions are collected and analyzed by the expert teachers of the Maharashtra Board. They assure you that all questions or types of questions on a similar concept will be asked in the board Maharashtra examination. 

How to score more than 90+ in the 12th Board Examination 2024?

There are various ways to score maximum in board examinations.
  • Do practice the past year's papers thoroughly on the board exam to score more.
  • The Question from past year's papers is repeated in the upcoming exam.
  • Remember the formulas for solving physics problems.
  • Do Practice and revise Derivatives at least.
Students feel a lot of stress because of the board exam but my opinion is totally different because the board examination is the last exam which is easy to crack it mediate level exam and if you want to study further like engineering cracking the entrance exam is not that easy but for a student who studies smartly harder can crack it easily. 

Have a look at the IMP question for the 12th HSC Physics Maharashtra Board Exam 2022

Rotational Dynamics IMP for Maharashtra Board Exam 2022
1. Distinguish Between Centripetal force and Centrifugal force.
2. What is the banking of the road and obtain an expression for the maximum/minimum safety speed of vehicles moving along curved horizontal road.
3. Draw the neat labeled diagram of the conical pendulum and state the expression for its periodic time and the term of length.
4. Derive the expression for tension or linear velocity at lowest / Highest /Horizontal position revolves in a vertical circular motion.
5. Show that the K.E of a rotating body about a given axis is equal to 1/2 lω.
6. State and prove the theorem of parallel/perpendicular axes 
7. State and prove the law of conservation of angular momentum.
8. Show that / prove that L=Iα

1. Define a) Intermolecular force b) adhesive force c) Cohesive forced) Range of molecules e) Surface Film.
2. What is S.E ? Obtain the Relation between S.T and S.E.
3. Define S.T . State its S.I unit and dimension.
4. Define angle of contact? State its four characteristics.
5. Define S.T. Explain the effect of impurity on S.T?
6. Derive Laplace's law for the spherical membrane of the bubble due to ST.
7. Define capillary Expression for capillary rise or fall ?
8. Define critical velocity reynolds no coefficient of velocity?
9. Stokes law Terminal Velocity.

1. On the basis of kinetic theory of gases. Derive an expression for the pressure exerted by a gas.
2. Define R.M.S velocity / speed.
3. Explain layers relation a) Monoatomic Gas b) Dia c) polyatomic.
4. Define a) coefficient of absorption b) coe of reflection c) coe of transmission?
5. what is perfectly black body and Draw the labelled diagram ?
6. Explain Ferry's black body.
7. Explain black body radiation spectrum in term of wavelength ?
8. State and explain a) Wien's displacement law b) Stefan law ?
9. Define emissive power and coefficient of emission of a body ?

1. State first law of thermodynamics?
2. Zeroth law of thermodynamics ?
3. Heat internal energy ?
4. Thermodynamics equilibrium ?
5. Work Done during a thermodynamics process?
6. Classification of thermodynamics process 
a) Reversible / Irreversible process 
b) Isothermal process.
c) Isobaric process.
d) Isochoric process.
e ) adiabatics process / cyclic process.

1. Define liner and angular S.H.M ? State its differential Equation.
2. From differential equation of linear SHM obtain an expression for acceleration velocity and displacement of [particle performing SHM ?
3. Discuss the composition of two SHM along the same path having same period and find the resultant amplitude and initial phase ?
4. State the expression for Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy?
5. Define Simple pendulum. Derive expression for the period of motion of simple pendulum on which factor depends upon ?
6. Angular SHM and its differential equation(Disc) ?

1. Equation stationary wave on stretched string and condition of nodes and antinodes ?
2. State the properties of Stationary wave ?
3. Distinguish between a) progressive wave and stationary wave b)Free and Force vibration ?
4. Draw the neat labelled diagram of the first three modes of vibration of stretched string between two rigid support ?
5. Draw the neat labelled diagram of the first three modes of vibration of air column in a pipe open at both end and open at one end.

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