Most Important Question 12th Biology Maharashtra board exam 2022

Most Important Question 12th Biology Maharashtra board exam 2021.

Who prepared these IMP questions?

These questions are collected and analyzed by the expert teachers of the Maharashtra Board. They assure you that these all question Or this type of questions or question with the similar concept will be asked in board Maharashtra examination. 

How to score more than 90+ in the 12th standard Maharashtra Hsc board exam 2022?

There are various ways to score maximum in board examinations.
  • Do practice the past year's papers thoroughly for the board exam to score more.
  • The Question from past year papers is repeated in the upcoming exam.
  • Remember the formulas for solving physics problems.
  • Do Practice and revise Derivatives at least.
Students take a lot of stress of board exam but my opinion is totally different because board examination is the last exam which easy to crack its mediate level exam and if you want to study further like engineering and cracking entrance exam is not that easy but for student study smartly harder can crack it easily. 

Here is the list of the Most Important Questions For Biology Maharashtra Board Examination 2021.

1. Explain the development of male and female gametophyte. 
2. Draw a well labelled  LS of anatropous ovule. 
3. Describe the process of Fertilization. 
4. Describe male  reproductive system in human being? 
5. Explain the process by which zygote divide redivides to form the morula. 
6. Describe the phases of menstrual cycle and their hormonal.
7. Explain Histological structure of testis ovary in human.
8. Describe the various methods of birth control to avoid pregnancy.
9. What is dihybrid cross / monohybrid cross  Explain with suitable example
10. What is test cross? Explain its  significance.
11. What is criss cross inheritance ? Explain with suitable example.
12 what is parthenogenesis ? Explain haplo-diploid- method of sex determination in honey bee.
13. Describe the lack-operon.
14 Explain the process of DNA reflection.

15. Describe the process of translation in proteins synthesis?
16. Enlist the characteristic of genetic code .
17. Explain the concept of natural Selection.
18. Smith was working in garage with door closed and automobiles engine running after some time she felt breathless and fainted what would be the reason ? How can she be treated.
19. Describe the internal external structure of heart ?
20. Describe the working of heart?
21. Distinguish between artery and vein?
22. Explain fore brain / Mid brain / Hind brain ?
23. What will be the effect of thyroid gland atrophy on the Human Body ?
24. What is adenohypophysis ? Name the Hormones secreted by it ?
25. Describes the different type of immunity?
26. What is cancer ? Explain five steps of cancer.
28. Write the shot note on Aids ?
29. How the transmission of typhoid disease?
30. Explain the role of Microbes in industrial Production.
31. Explain the steps involved in biogas production.
32. Explain the steps in process of RDNA technology with suitable diagram ?
33. What is vaccine? Give advantages of oral vaccine ?
34. What is gene  therapy ? Explain its type ?
35. With the help of suitable diagram describe the logistic population growth curve.
36. What is Mutualism ? Give its example 
39. What is the ecological process behind the biological control method of managing with past insect ?
40. Why to conserve diversity ?
41. How do we conserve biodiversity ?