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Electromagnetic Chapter At a Glance for mht-cet:

The phenomena of producing a induced e.m.f. in a conductor or conducting coil due to changing magnetic flux or field is called Electromagnetic Induction.

The total number of magnetic field lines passing through a given area is called the magnetic flux.

  • Laws of electromagnetic Induction :
  • Faraday' Law : 
     First law : whenever there is change in         the magnetic flux associated with a coil
     an e.m.f. is induced in the coil.
     Second Law : The magnitude of induced       e.m.f. is directly proportional to the rate       of change of magnetic flux through the         coil.
  • Len'z law
  • Fleming's right hand rule 
  • Eddy Currents
  • Self Induction and Mutual Induction
  • Displacement current
  • Transformer
  • Coil Rotating in Uniform Magnetic Induction ( A.C. Generator )
  • Alternating Current

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