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Download the Textbook of Biology for the 12th Standard of Maharashtra State Board.

Maharashtra State Board Secondary and Higher Secondary Education updated the syllabus of 12th HSC recently. The updated syllabus is fully connected with 11th hsc if you study 11th Standard very well then you don't have to tackle difficulties in understanding  & Studying. It seems too easy. The Syllabus is changed in such a manner that the student which is preparing for the competitive Entrance Exam like Mht-cet and Neet so, they don't need to study more books for preparing the examination.

No. Chapters Name Biology
1. Reproduction in lower and Higher Plants
2. Reproduction in Lower and Higher Animals
3. Inheritance and Variation
4. Molecular Basis of Inheritance
5. Origin and Evolution of Life
6. Plant Water Relation
7. Plant growth and Mineral Nutrition
8. Respiration and Circulation
9. Control and Coordination
10. Human Health and Diseases
11. Enhancement of food Production
12. Biotechnology
13. Organisms and Populations
14. Ecosystems and Energy flow
15. Biodiversity, Conservation, and Environmental Issues

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Download Maharashtra State Board HSC official E-Textbooks for Class 11th and 12th Standard for the Academic year 2021-22. Download the pdf of the textbook for all subjects including Physic, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. You can directly download the textbook by clicking on the images given below.

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