Atoms Molecules and Nuclei Mcq Mht cet

Multiple Choice Questions of Atoms,molecules
 and Nuclei for preparation of entrance exam specially Mht-cet and are also useful for Neet/Jee examination.
"Physics" means OMG it's very hard most of the students face difficulties in this subject.
If you follow the correct steps to study physics it will seems to be easy.

The student's giving Mht-cet exam they must go through this topics of this chapter

 Atoms,Molecules and Nuclei contents :

1.Rutherford's Model of atom :

  •    The atom has tiny positively charged core called Nucleus.
  • The total positive charge and entire mass (99.9%) of atom is confined in nucleus.
  • The nucleus is surrounded by negatively charged electrons,orbiting round the nucleus in circular orbits similar to planets revolving round the sun
2. Bohr Model
3. Radius of Bohr's orbit
4.Energy of electron in Bohr Orbit :
5.Hydrogen Spectrum

Atoms molecules nuclei Mcq

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