12th Information Technology Textbook pdf Maharashtra Board

Information Technology Textbook PDF

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education updated the syllabus and now books are published by balbharati. Download the textbook PDF of
Information Technology 12th standard from here.
Maharashtra state board 12th hsc Books pdf

Information Technology Chapters :

  1. Advanced Web Designing.
  2. Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  3. Advanced Java Script.
  4. Emerging Technologies
  5. Server-Side Scripting(PHP).
  6. E-Commerce and E-Governance.

1. Advanced Web Designing :

 Student can design the layout of web 
pages using CSS.
 Students can learn to design the 
 Student can design the web form 
with validations.
 Students can learn concept of image 
map and I frame (inline frame). 
 The aim is to give the skills to create 
HTML Web Pages, using HTML5 
and CSS.

2. Introduction of SEO :

 Definition of SEO
 Types of SEO
 Techniques of SEO
 SEO-Page content
 SEO- Keywords
 SEO-Social Book marking

3.Advanced Java Script :

 Features of JavaScript, difference 
between client side scripting and 
server side scripting.
 Looping structures.
 DOM Objects and window object in 
 Inbuilt objects such String, Math, 
Array, Date and Number with its 
properties and Methods. 
 Simple JavaScript programs to do 
validations and user interaction.

4. Emerging Technologies :

Different Emerging Technologies.
 Basics of Internet Of Things (IOT).
 Basics of cloud computing.
 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
 Introduction to 5G.

Summary of Emerging Technologies

 IOT stands for Internet of Things.
 With the help of applications based on IOT various social and critical problems 
can be solved. for e.g. Traffic problem, Air pollution, water pollution.
 AI Stands for Artificial Intelligence.
 With the help of AI we can approach higher accuracy and privacy.
 5G is the fastest method of data transfer.

5. Server Side Scripting(PHP) :

 Features of PHP
 PHP variables, datatypes
 PHP Array, String function and user-
defined functions
 PHP form handling
 PHP connectivity with database 

6. E-Commerce and E-Governance :

 E-Commerce – concept, advantages, 
disadvantages and types.
 E-Commerce Trade cycle.
 Various Payment modes.
 Common forms of E-Commerce.
 Electronic Data Interchange.
 E-Governance-concept, advantages 
and types.
 Various security measures.

Information Technology Textbook Maharashtra State Board PDF.

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