Most Important Question 12TH Chemistry Maharashtra board exam 2023-2

Get the Most Important Question for the Maharashtra State Board Examination. Students searching for shortcuts and smart ways to score good marks are upcoming board examinations should follow the study tips given below

Here we are ready with the most important question(IMP) of 12th chemistry Get the most important question for scoring good marks in board examination 2024.

Most Important Tips to score 90+ in the 12th standard?

There are various ways to score good marks in board examinations.
  • Do practice the past year's papers thoroughly for the board exam to score more.
  • The Question from past year's papers is repeated in the upcoming exam.
  • Remember the formulas for solving physics problems.
  • Do Practice and revise Derivatives at least.

Here are the Most Important Questions (IMP)of the 12th Chemistry HSC Maharashtra Board For preparing for the Board Exam.

Solution and Colligative Properties

1. Define a) Solute b) Solvent
2. What are colligative properties?
3. What is relation between molecular mass and lowering vapour pressure?
4. Define  Ebullioscopic constant ?
5. What is Freezing Point?
6. Why the Aquatic life prefer to stay bottom of Sea?

Solid state IMP Question for Maharashtra Board exam 2022

1. Differentiate between Amorphous and crystalline solids ?
2. What are different type of unit cell?
3. What is covalent ? Give its examples?
4. How many particle present in SCC, BCC, FCC unit cell?
5. What is relation of molar mass and density of unit cell ?
6. Co ordination number ?
7. What are defects in solids ?

Ionic Equilibria

1. Define electrolyte and non-electrolyte ?
2. What are acids and base ?
3. Hydrolysis of salt ?
4. what are buffer solution ?
5. Common ion effect ?
6. Hydrolysis of Sa + Sb ?
7. What is pH and poH ?

Chemical Thermodynamics 

1. Types of system ?
2. Identify extensive property and Intensive Properties?
3. What is work and Heart ?
4. Wmax=-2.303 nRT log 10 v2/v1
5. 1st Law of Thermodynamics

Chemical kinetics 

1. Define a) Rate law b) Rate of Reaction
2. Difference between order of reaction and molecularity of reaction ?
3. Integrated rate law for 1st /Zero order reaction ?
4. Half life for zero and 1st order ?
5. Effect of catalyst and temperature ?
6. Arrhenius equation ?


1. Difference between electrolytic cell and galvanic cell ?
2. Explain Electrolysis of fused Nacl ?
3. Faraday's 1st law ?(Numerical)
4. Ecell=Ec-Ea? (Numerical)
5. Nernst equation ? (Numerical)
6. What is Salt Bridge ?
7. Conductivity and molar conductivity ?

Elements of 16,17,18 group (6-8)

1. Electronic configuration 16,17,18 group ?
2. Anomalous behavior of N, O, F
3. Variable oxidation state of element from following H2SO4 , H2SO7 ?
4. What is oxoacids ?
5. What is interhalogen compounds ?
6. What are uses of noble gas elements ?

Hence if you will follow the tips given above will definitely boost your score in the upcoming Maharashtra Board examination
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