D and F block elements mcq mht cet

D and F block elements Multiple Choice Questions for preparing for entrance exam.

Specially for Mht-cet(Maharashtra Common
entrance exam).

What to study from this chapter for mht-cet?

D block elements :

  • Electronic Configuration
  • Occurrences and general characteristics of transition elements
  • Trends in properties of first row transition metals,oxidation states
  • Preparation,properties and structure of K2Cr2O7 and kMnO4.
F block elements :
  • Introduction and electronic configurations.
  • Oxidation states,chemical activity
  • Lanthanoid contraction and its consequence
  • Actinoids: Introduction,electronic configuration
  • Oxidation states
  • Comparison with lanthanoids

Physics Multiple Choice Questions :

1.Elasticity mcqs.

2.Rotational motion mcqs.

3.Electromagnetic Induction mcqs.

Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions :

1.Polymers mcqs.

2.Chemistry in everyday life mcqs.

3.Solutions and colligative properties mcqs.

4.Compound containing Nitrogen mcqs.

5.P block elements mcqs.