MHTCET 2022 Biology Mcqs and Pyqs

Welcome Mhtcet Aspirants to our blog get the Biology chapter-wise MCQs and PYQs for preparing Mhtcet examination 2021-22. Multiple Choice Questions will be available to download in the form of Pdf and Pyqs in the form of an Online test Series.

Biology 12th Syllabus for Mhtcet examination 2022(Tentative).

1. Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants 

2. Reproduction in Lower and Higher Animals

3. Inheritance and Variation 

4. Molecular Basis of Inheritance 

5. Origin and Evolution of Life 

6. Plant Water Relation 

7. Plant Growth and Mineral Nutrition 

8. Respiration and Circulation 

9. Control and Coordination 

10. Human Health and Diseases 

11. Enhancement of Food Production 

12. Biotechnology 

13. Organisms and Population 

14. Ecosystem and Energy Flow 

15. Biodiversity, Conservation, and Environmental Issues

Biology 11th Syllabus for Mhtcet examination 2022(Tentative).

In Mhtcet examination, only 20 percent of Syllabus is asked from 11th Standard and rest 80 percent is the whole syllabus of 12th Class of Maharashtra State Board HSC and this Syllabus is given by Maharashtra Cet cell and You can prepare for 11th Std Syllabus by Study Materials provided by us and Solve Our Online test Series for securing full marks in Mhtcet Examination.

Here are the Chapters Name

1. Biomolecules
2. Respiration and Energy Transfer
3. Human Transfer
4. Excretion and Osmoregulation

Here are the Chapterwise Multiple Choice Questions 11th and 12th of Biology in the Pdf format and You can also access the live Online test Series through our website. 

Multiple Choice Questions of Biology for Mhtcet Examination 2022 Properties

The Mcqs we are providing through our website is based on Mhtcet Maharashtra Syllabus. These mcqs are taken from various Mhtcet books. Multiple Choice Questions provided by us are competitive level that will help boost your score and There are three types of mcqs basic, Moderate and High level. Solving all the Chapter Mcqs provided by us will cover all the subtopics of the chapter and it will reflects as good Marks.