Marks vs Percentile Mhtcet Exam 2023 | Calculate Marks into Percentile |

Calculate Marks into Percentile of Mhtcet examination result 2021.

Candidates attempt mock tests daily for the practice of the Mhtcet examination and the score of the mock test shows in Marks. Some students can't calculate the percentile secured in the mock test exam. Welcome Mhtcet Candidates, we will convert Marks into Percentile of the Mhtcet Entrance exam Marks vs Percentile in Mhtcet exam 2021

According to our calculations, you can determine the percentile scored after attempting the mock test paper of Mhtcet.

This conversation is not 100 accurate but approximately it is accurate and this marks vs Percentile is only applicable for Mhtcet 2021.

Here is the conversation of Marks into Percentile for Moderate difficulty level papers of Mhtcet examination 2021.

1. If a candidate scores 160 marks then it will convert to 99.50+ percentile in Mhtcet.

2. If a candidate scores between 150 to 160 marks then it will convert to 99+ percentile in Mhtcet.

3. If a candidate scores between 130 to 150 marks then it will convert to 98 to 99 percentile in Mhtcet.

4. If a candidate scores between 110 to 140 marks then it will convert to 96 to 98 percentile in Mhtcet.

5. If a candidate scores between 100 to 110 marks then it will convert to 95 to 96 percentile in Mhtcet.

6. If a candidate scores between 90 to 100 marks then it will convert to 93+ percentile in Mhtcet.

7. If a candidate scores between 80 to 90 marks then it will convert to 90+ percentile in Mhtcet.

Marks Coverted Percentile
160 99.50+ P
150 to 160 99+ P
130 to 150 98 to 99 P
110 to 140 96 to 98 P