Linear Programming Mcqs Mhtcet 2024(Updated)

Get the Multiple Choice Question of Linear Programming for MHTCET 2024(Updated)

Mathematics is a scoring subject in the Mhtcet examination. Mathematics consists total of 100 marks in the paper pattern of Mhtcet and 50 marks for each Physics and Chemistry PCM). A total of 50 Questions are asked from Math's each question contains 2 marks. So, Mathematics can boost your score in the Mhtcet examination if you prepare smartly by solving Multiple Choice Questions and mock tests.

Subtopics of Linear Programming Mcqs Mhtcet 2024(Updated)

1. Linear inequations in two variables.

2. Formulation of LPP.

3. Terminologies related to the solution of LPP.

4. Solution of LPP by graphical method.