Definite Integration Mcqs on Mhtcet 2023-24 | Updated

Get the Multiple Choice Question of definite Integrals Mathematics for Mhtcet examination 2021-22.

Mathematics is scoring subject in Mhtcet examination. Mathematics consist total 100 marks in paper pattern of Mhtcet and 50 marks for each Physics and Chemistry PCM). Total 50 Questions are asked from Math's each question contains 2 marks. So, Mathematics can boost your score in Mhtcet examination if you prepare smartly by solving Multiple Choice Question and mock test.

Definite Integration Subtopics Mhtcet.

1. Fundamental theorem of integral calculus and Evaluation definite integrals by substitution.

2. Evaluation of definite integrals by parts rule and by partial fraction.

3 Properties of definite integrals.

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