Amines Mcqs Mhtcet 2022| Amines Pyqs Mhtcet 2022-23

Prepare for the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test which is Mht-CET 2022. As we know that before preparing any Entrance exam, we need study materials,  guidance and motivation, and we are ready with Chapter wise Multiple Choice Question of chemistry, mathematics and physics. You can download the all makes the link given below at above the footer. For Now in the post You will get multiple Choice Question pdf for the Amines chapter of 12th Chemistry.

Amines Subtopics(12th Chemistry) for Mhtcetc Examination 2022.

1 Classification of amines 
2 Nomenclature of amines 
3 Preparation of amines
4 Physical properties of amines 
5 Basicity of amines 
6 Chemical properties of amines 
7 Reactions of arene diazonium salts 
8 Reaction with arenesulphonyl chloride 
9 Electrophilic aromatic substitution in aromatic amines.