Solutions Mcqs Chemistry MHT-CET 2022

Download the Multiple choice question of Solutions chemistry for MHTCET 2022 (12th Chemistry).

We are providing you Chapterwise Multiple choice Question of Chemistry for the upcoming entrance exam Mht-cet 2021 examinations. Theses Mcqs are collected with the reference from Maharashtra State Board Textbook and also from latest MHT-CET books such as Targets, Marvel, Arihant, Navneet many more from others publishers. Since, we are providing you every possible study materials related to MHT-CET(Maharashtra Common Entrance Examination).Now you can download the Mcqs of Solution Chemistry for Mhtcet examination.

What is the difficulty level of Mhtcet Mcqs prepared and collected by us ?

We have prepared and collected the three level mcqs that  is Moderate level mcqs, Intermediate level Mcqs and Basic level Mcqs are set according's to various subtopics of the chapter.

Note : These mcqs are collected and prepared through reference from Maharashtra State Board textbook pdf and mhtcet entrance exam.

Solution Subtopics for preparing mhtcet 2022 examination.

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Types of solutions 

2.3 Capacity of solutions to dissolve solute 

2.5 Vapour pressure of solutions of liquids in liquids 

2.6 Colligative properties of nonelectrolyte solutions 

2.7 Vapour pressure lowering 

2.8 Boiling point elevation 

2.9 Depression in freezing point 

2.10 Osmotic pressure 

2.11 Colligative properties of electrolytes

MHT-CET 2021 SYLLABUS : Std 12TH Chapterwise Syllabus for MHT-CET 2022 Examination
Whole Syllabus Std XII OF 2020-21 of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics subjects excluding portion which is deleted by Maharashtra Rajya Pathaypustak Nirmiti va Abhyas Sanshodhan for H.S.C due to Covid-19 pandemic situation.