12th Chemistry Reduced syllabus Maharashtra Board 2021

Maharashtra State Board Secondary and higher Secondary Education  has decided to reduce the Academic Syllabus of 2020-2021 due to Covid-19(Corona-virus).Every education board declared there reduced syllabus.It is observed that Education Board reduced the syllabus by 25% approxim.All colleges and schools was closed since last 5 months and are also closed now a days but there is hope colleges and schools will reopen it all up-to Government of India as well as state government.Some colleges and schools are taking Online Classes,the teachers are teaching on Online platforms to the students. 

Deleted and Non- Evaluative portion of chemistry for Year 2020-21.

“Maharashtra State Board Secondary and higher Secondary Board has successfully planned to reduce the Syllabus of primary classes as well as Secondary Class due to Covid-19. Maharashtra Board Reduced syllabus from 1st Standard to 12th Standard by 40%. We are here to provide you the reduced portion of Physics,chemistry,Biology and Mathematics of 12th Class.In this blog we will avail you reduced syllabus of 12th Chemistry Maharashtra board HSC.

 Here is the deleted / reduced portion of 11th Chemistry Maharashtra state Board HSC

Chapter Name Deleted and Non-Evaluative portion
1.Some basic concepts of chemistry 1.1Introduction 1.2 Nature of chemistry ,1.2.1 Matter, 1.2.2 Pure substances verses mixtures,1.2.3 States of matter, 1.4.1 Law of conservation of mass, 1.4.2 Law of definite proportion,1.4.3 Law of multiple proportion, 1.5 Daltons atomic theory
2.Introduction to Analytical chemistry 2.1 Introduction, 2.3 Mathematical operation and error analysis, 2.3.2 Scientific notation, 2.3.3 Significant figures, 2.3.4 Rules of deciding significant figures, 2.3.5 Calculations with significant figures.

Here is the deleted / reduced portion of 12th Chemistry Maharashtra state Board HSC.

Chapter Name Deleted and Non-Evaluative portion
1.Solid  State 1.2.1 Crystalline solid, 1.2.2.Amorphorus solid, 1.7.3 Packing efficiency of metal crystal in fcc lattice, Table 1.3 Edge length and particle parameters in cubic system, Table 1.4 Point no.3 fcc/hcp only, 1.9 Electrical properties of solids, 1.10 Magnetic properties of solid
2.Solutions Demonstration and Exceptions to Henry’s Law, 2.11.1 Van’t Hoff factor (i), 2.11.2 Modification of expressions of colligative property, 2.11.3 Van’t Hoff factor and degree of dissociation, Problem 2.10,2.11,2.12,2.14
Remaining Reduced Syllabus of 12th and 11th Chemistry Maharashtra Board HSC PDF