Solutions And Colligative properties MCQs for Mht-cet 2021

Multiple Choice Question of Solutions and colligative properties chapters ftom 12th chemistry for mht-cet 2020 examination.
Important Mcqs for Mht-cet

Solutions & Colligative properties content :

  • Types of Solutions
  • Concentration of soln of solids in liquids
  • Solid Solutions
  • Colliagative properties
  • Lowering of vapour pressure
  • Elevation of boiling point
  • Depression of freezing point
  • Osmotic pressure
  • Molecular masses and colligative properties
  • Abnormal molecular mass
  • Van't Hoff factor
This chapter mainly contains theory and 
numericals.So,We should remember all formulas like molarity,molality,percentage by mass,percentage by volume and more for solving Mcqs.

Solutions & colligative Mcqs :